Monday, June 13, 2011

News Update: "The U.S. wants to bomb Fukushima"

UPDATE: U.S. side eyed blasting hole in reactor March 17, 2012
An informal panel of experts in the U.S. Department of Energy discussed using military explosives to bring the crisis at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant under control, said panel member and physicist Richard Garwin, who pitched the idea.
"I wanted to make a hole through the great shielding slabs, which are more than a meter of reinforced concrete, and one of the opportunities was to use the military shaped charge," Garwin said in a telephone interview, referring to the proposal he made to Energy Secretary Steven Chu at the panel meeting last April 5. Continued...

This new article may be difficult to verify, but apparently nuclear experts from the US and France are now debating on an extreme solution to the Fukushima nuclear disaster:

The U.S. wants to bomb Fukushima

"Chris Busby, the situation would be far more tragic than the authorities admit, and amply justify the passage of the accident at 7. Indeed, many reactors would be open air and their reaction out of control, involving a permanent rejection of radionuclides including plutonium from the core 3, which was fueled by MOX."

"Radiation levels became too high so that teams can be kept on-site experts quarrel over the choice of more radical solutions."

"The U.S. would consider bombing the plant to drown in the sea."

"France, which provided the MOX want to believe it is possible to embed the reactor in concrete."

At this point, it seems as though only Godzilla can save us all:

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