Thursday, March 08, 2012

Conan O'Brien vs. Copycat Chinese TV Show 2

Via Team Coco March 5. 2012

Just over a week ago, Conan O'Brien discovered a blatant copyright infringement of his show's opening animation by a Chinese talk show known as “Da Peng’s Chatter.” Then Conan and his production team responded in a tongue-in-cheek comic style by showing the two opening sequences side by side and then claiming:
"What is that? That's insane. That's madness. And to make matters worse its a really weird show." And also "For years now China has been ripping off America with cheap knockoffs, right? ...Well China if you think you can rip off my show, I think I can rip off their show. And let's see how you like it."

Of course, the "Da Peng Chatter" team was watching and they did not get the "American Joke" so then they responded with this hilarious clip (click "CC" button for subtitles):

To which Conan and his team responded with this comic clip:

Well, it is said that "Comedy brings people together" so perhaps this comical exchange will continue. Let's hope so.

Also watch how Taiwan's Next Media Animation TV pokes some fun at the Western world.


  1. Conan, Conan, seems that you need some new script writers, isn't that so?

  2. LOL. It would be really great if Conan had the entire cast of Da Peng Chatter on his show.

  3. China is trying to overthrow the world's super power of WTF, NSFW and Forever Alone - JA.PAN.

  4. Guess the Japanese do not have a monopoly on wacky tv shows...