Sunday, November 18, 2012

China's New Auto "Babes" Bikini Models

China's New Auto Babes Bikini Models

Via Japanese News and Sankaku Complex November 18, 2012

In the same kind of Lolita entertainment genre like Japan's AKB48 and the US's Honey Boo Boo, we now have child abuse child models as seen in a recent auto show somewhere in China:

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  1. Dear China,

    What in the name of loving f#ck?!?!?!?!


    The Rest of The World

  2. Actually these models are 23. They came from China's midget village.

  3. WTF??? This is messed up man. But what can we expect from a country that watched a child get run over by a truck and did nothing?

  4. I've got the strangest boner now...for Chery Cars.