Saturday, December 08, 2012

Flying Japanese Salarymen To The Rescue!

Flying Japanese Salarymen To The Rescue!

Japan is good at defying the law of gravity. You may recall the Natsumi Hayashi- internet's most attractive levitating lady
Yowayowa Camera Woman aka Natsumi Hayashi who first started out with Japanese cat photos and then become the internet's most attractive levitating lady!

Now Rocket News 24 has reported on some Flying Japanese Salarymen To The Rescue!

Flying Japanese Salarymen To The Rescue

Actually this is part of a new photo album entitled "Flying Has Changed My Life – Solaryman" by award-winnning photographer Yuki Aoyama on sale on December 12th for 1260 yen (US $15.33). About this latest collection, Aoyama said this:
After the Tohoku earthquake last year, I put my photography project on hold, but continued to upload photos of flying salarymen that I had already taken to Twitter and other Internet sites. My photos were reblogged and shared thousands of times and gained a lot of buzz all over the Internet. At the same time, Japan was facing hard times after the earthquake, its people at a standstill. I thought maybe if people saw my photos of energetic office workers, happily flying through the air, it would lift everyone’s spirits and inspire the people of Japan to persevere through a difficult time.

To me, this was just one of thousands of photographing projects I’ve taken on, but to everyone else, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity that would turn into a lasting memory. With that in mind, the workers I photographed earnestly tried their best while having their picture taken.

You can purchase this and other photo albums by Yuki Aoyama on his internet store. And be sure to see more of Aoyama's work on his official website.

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  1. Yet more proof that the Japanese are superior to all other human beings. Now they can fly!

  2. WTF?!?!? Is Japan like some kind of magical paradise with a "Japanese" world within the "real" world? Or is it the other way around? Also I heard that there is a real religion in Japan and it is called "Being Japanese"! How original.

  3. The planets are closing into full alignment.

    The angry sun burns with rage.

    The silent darkness is coming.

    The four horsemen are drawing near......

  4. Not only are there flying salarymen everywhere in Japan, but there's FLYING PANTIES!!