Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Comic Analysis of Showry For 'Science'

Previously we briefly reviewed Showry's educational video on the application of natural makeup and received some positive feedback. Today, however in the name of science, we would like to advance our current research and analysis of the phenomenal world wide web revolution of South Korea's very sexy and very "crazy" young comic - Showry.

Let's begin by viewing her latest production entitled "Hello":

In this and almost all of her other videos, Showry is making a parody of the muk bang girls and other young women in South Korea that dress scantily and eat food on pay per view Korean websites. This very strange phenomenon is now quite popular in Korea as previously reported by CNN South Korea's online trend: Paying to watch a pretty girl eat:

So Showry is only acting crazy. It's the ones doing this seriously and exploiting lonely people for their money who are the real sociopaths of South Korean society. Well, we have not yet figured out the viewers' "vicarious eating" side of it yet. That could be a "Because Worst Korea" thing going on there. Here is "The Diva" aka Park Seo-Yeon at "work" as a food porn star muk bang girl:


We just discovered a truly certifiable eating broadcast girl here:

See more of Showry's hilarious and wild videos here.


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  1. That was FAPulous! But has science gone too far?

  2. As a devoted weaboo, I have a very incredibly strange boner now.

  3. Showry should have a regular spot on Saturday Night Live.