Thursday, February 23, 2012

Is Jeremy Lin Really Ask A Ninja?

Jeremy Lin No doubt by now you've heard all about basketball sensation Jeremy Lin. And his popularity keeps soaring with so much Linsanity going on! So far he has made the cover of Sports Illustrated TWICE (2x)! He's been on the cover of Time Asia magazine and the cover of Time magazine with the headline story "It’s Official: Linsanity Is for Real." He's an Evangelical Christian and was a leader in Harvard's Asian American Christian Fellowship. He wants to become a priest and has talked about helping out underprivileged kids in inter-city communities after his basketball career. It really seems as though Jeremy Lin just cannot do anything wrong.

Or can he? Ask A Ninja

Today we discovered the below video which has raised some serious questions about Lin and the world-renowned comedian Ask A Ninja. And, most likely, this is the most serious one: Is Jeremy Lin actually the funny, black-comic guy known as THE NINJA? Also is his real name actually "Jeremy Linja?" Watch this video closely and let us know what you think:

Other questions: Did you notice in the above thumbnail pictures that Lin's Knicks jersey is the exact same color as the background for The Ninja? Did you ever notice that The "Ask A Ninja" Ninja and Jeremy Lin have never been photographed together?

Well, Mark Twain said it best with “Every one is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.”

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