Friday, October 25, 2013

Taipei Zoo Pandas Yuan Yuan and Yuanzai Part 2

Taipei Zoo Pandas Yuan Yuan and Yuanzai Part 2

Via Taipei Zoo October 23, 2013

Earlier this year in August, the Taipei Zoo released the cutest Giant Panda videos ever seen in the history of the internets. These starred momma Yuan Yuan and her then one-month-old cub Yuanzai. These highly emotional short clips went mega viral and were broadcast on many international television news stations and are still quite popular all over the world wide web.

Well, just the other day the Taipei Zoo did it again and has now brought us a very cute behind-the-scenes look at baby Yuanzai as she gets lost after an examination and, literally, stumbles into momma's bamboo grazing grounds:

Note: Due to the recent popularity of this video, playback
may be slower than normal.


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Friday, October 11, 2013

"Fukuppy" Fukushima's New Corporate Character

In an effort to alleviate the fear of Fukushima's ongoing nuclear disaster and food safety, the Fukushima Industries Corporation (a refrigerator/freezer manufacturer) has recently unveiled an all-new corporate character named "Fukuppy":

Fukuppy Fukushima's New Corporate Character

On the introduction page for this character it begins with this question and answer:

Q. Where were you born Fukuppy?

A. I was born in a Fukushima refrigerator.

The character also states that it is not yet a male or female because it is still an egg (with wings). It goes on to explain that it enjoys eating alot of food and is always on patrol and checking out the quality of meat, fish and vegetables in all new refrigerators. Also, to be fair, most likely, the Japanese pronunciation of this new oddity is "FOO-KU-PEA" or 「ふくっぴ」. And perhaps the logic behind this is that by putting a raw egg in one's refrigerator, somehow it will then indicate if any food has become irradiated. Mmmkkaaaayy...


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Saturday, October 05, 2013

Yun*Chi's "Your Song*" Single Promo Video

Following up on her very successful "Shake You" mini album release in April, the sensational and seductive Yun*Chi is back again with an upcoming brand new single called "Your Song*":

This song is also featured as the ending theme for the Log Horizon animation TV series. The current single release date is November 13, 2013. For more information please visit Yun*Chi's official website.


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