Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Korea's Web Damsel Chip-Chan Goes Outside?

Korea's Web Damsel Chip-Chan Goes Outside
Chip Chan as previously seen on her live video webcams.

Via The Kernel September 15, 2013

Recently in second-best Korea it was reported that a young woman was literally "trapped" on the internet inside of her own live video webcams! This damsel-in-distress news quickly made its way to 4chan and then exploded across the Asian internets. Many viewers struggled to interpret her scribbled signs and one time when she remained motionless for hours, several others began to wonder if the web had been trolled by a corpse!

Well, even though it is well known that there are no girls on the internet, it turned out that she is a real, living young Korean woman residing somewhere in Seoul. She has been given the nickname of "Chip-Chan" partly based on her own self-scribed Engrish history as seen on her personal blog entitled "Verichip for criminal destroys me". And in the below video, it does appear that she actually goes outside:

Mmmmkay.... so we have a woman in trouble. She suddenly gets discovered by millions of guys on the web who are now all fully registered members of her fan club base known as "Chippies". Then soon afterwards she seems to either find the way out of her "trap" or she went to sleep in one of her filing cabinets as she has been known to do in the past. Whadayathink? WTF Actual right? Because Korea right? Pr0n site promo right? Incidentally, the local authorities are aware of this woman and they know her real, true identity and address in case anyone is worried.

But probably the most likely outcome is that Chip-Chan is now actually dating some of her very own "Chippies" and no longer is "afraid of sleeping" so to say. Well either way, her live video webcams are still up and running even though she has temporarily disappeared from the spotlight.

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  1. I have a very incredibly strange boner right now. (?_?)

  2. Because Korea.


  3. Brilliant beautiful biyatch be getting some Chippies action now. DAAAYYYUUUM!!!

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  5. I saw Chip Chan today! She was wearing a pink shirt and jeans. Had her back to the cam though. Whadevuh.