Wednesday, March 16, 2011

From North Korea: 'Pyongyang Style' by Steve Gong

Steve Gong recently went to North Korea and filmed this stunningly beautiful video with a hidden camera:

"Pretty much the only way anyone can visit North Korea is by joining a tour.  The entire time while you’re in North Korea, you’re not allowed to go anywhere without minders following you around.  These tour guides also restrict the amount of contact you can have with the locals, and it’s extremely difficult, if not impossible, to have any chances of interacting with a North Korean civilian.

This video is an insight into just that – what interacting with a North Korean civilian might be like."

Via Gizmodo


  1. awesome. thanks for this.

  2. Great video. Check out our interview with Steve about the video here:

  3. Thank you Aputure. Great interview! Steve Gong is awesome! I love all of his work and hope to see much more soon. Thanks again! (^_^)