Saturday, August 31, 2013

Dennis Rodman To Go Back to North Korea

Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman

Via Huff Post Live August 29, 2013

Just pause for a second and realize how incredibly MAGNIFICENT this title is: "Dennis Rodman Headed Back To North Korea". Seriously, with the way world events are now happening, this could turn out to be one of the greatest headlines of all of 2013:

"Dennis Rodman Headed Back To North Korea"


OK, let's break it down some. Back in March of this year, the five-time NBA Champion, seven-time NBA rebound king and NBA Hall of Fame inductee Dennis Rodman visited Kim Jong Un and the Pirate Bay (temporarily) moved to Pyongyang. And since his first visit, other political events have occurred that could make this next trip a whole lot more meaningful if Rodman can successfully secure the release of Korean/American citizen Kenneth Bae. However, that is one big, huge "if", indeed.

Now, of course, this time around there will be more haters. And they're going to say that Rodman's a "traitor" and a "media whore" et al. And that Vice unethically manipulated and then paid off the DPRK elite etc. Or that the White House is secretly setting up the visit since it is now uninvited blah blah blah. But, maybe the real reason why this wonderful reunion is happening again is very simple and very human: Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un are just good friends.

And is there any better reason than that?

Associated Press/AP news video of Dennis Rodman returning to North Korea on September 3, 2013:


Vice HBO Documentary "Basketball Diplomacy"

Vice, Rodman, Globetrotters Meet DPRK Players

NKBA Kim Jong Un & Dennis Rodman Video Game


  1. Another great upcoming headline: Dennis Rodman wins Nobel Peace Prize in 2014.

  2. If he goes there and comes back with Kenneth Bae, it would be fitting for Obama to just immediately step down and hand Rodman the key.

  3. RIP Hyon Song-wol from the US.

  4. North Korea is a really dark and surreal place. Dennis Rodman must have some serious balls to go back there now. Either that or he is just as insane as Kim. WTF?!?!

  5. Hey Dennis "The Worm" Rodman. You love that dictatorship so much why don't you just stay there?