Thursday, March 07, 2013

NKBA Kim Jong Un & Dennis Rodman Video Game

NKBA Kim Jong Un & Dennis Rodman Video Game

Unless you've been living in a North Korean concentration camp, within this past week or so you've probably seen many photos of Dennis Rodman and his new BFF Kim Jong Un. The two were brought together in Best Korea for an exhibition basketball game with two Americans playing on each team alongside the North Koreans which ended in a 110-110 tie.

Well now the official NKBA North Korean Basketball Association has put together a preview of the upcoming Kim Jong Un & Dennis Rodman North Korean Basketball Video Game entitled "Supreme Hoops". Check it out:

And here are the permanent winners:

NKBA Kim Jong Un & Dennis Rodman Video Game


Superstar Olympic Wrestler Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Il & Om Yun Chol Win Olympic Gold!


  1. Shoot hoops not troops. Dennis Rodman for Secretary of State.

  2. Rodman planning "vacation" with N Korea's Kim

    WASHINGTON: The odd couple is getting odder: first, Dennis Rodman and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un take in a hoops game side by side. Now, they're reportedly planning a holiday together.

    The retired and flamboyant 51-year-old, who announced the vacation plan on Monday, became the most high-profile American to meet Kim, doing so during a recent trip to Pyongyang.

    While officials in Washington have played down the significance of the trip, stating that the former Chicago Bulls star does not represent the views of the United States, Rodman said on Monday he plans to return to the isolated state.

    In brief comments to the KXJB local television station in Fargo, North Dakota, Rodman described Kim as a friend.

    "I don't condone what he does, but he's my friend," Rodman told a reporter. Asked if he planned to return to North Korea, Rodman replied: "Yes I will, in August. I'm vacationing with him."