Friday, July 27, 2012

NMA TV On Kim Jong Un's 'New' Wife

NMA TV On Kim Jong Un's New Wife

The past few weeks or so have been filled with speculation and theories about Kim Jong Un's "mystery woman" and his "new" wife. She was previously misidentified as Hyon Song Wol of the electronic music group Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble which is known for some popular hits including "Excellent Horse-like Lady" and "I Love Pyongyang". However, that rumor was not true as Kim Jong Un Didn't Marry the North Korean Pop Star Behind 'Excellent Horse-Like Lady'.

North Korea's state media announced on July 25th that The Great Eater's wife is actually Comrade Ri Sol-ju who is another popular singer of the DPRK. Apparently, they have been married for three years or so and may have one child. So the mystery of it all continues to be slowly revealed.

Earlier today Next Media Animation TV released this hilarious 3D animation news reel on this puzzle:

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  1. This is funny because it's true. Also the featured video includes actual footage from The Hermit Kingdom.

  2. Aint no party like a Pyongyang party. Cus in the big DPRK the party always finds you!

  3. That "new wife" must be worth killing for

  4. She was his mistress for a long time too.