Saturday, August 24, 2013

Edward Snowden Short Film From Hong Kong

Edward Snowden Short Film From Hong Kong

Via Entertainment Weekly June 30, 2013

Just released about a month ago, here is the very first short film about American surveillance secrets whistle blower Edward Snowden and his controversial Hong Kong international spy debut entitled "Verax":

"Verax" was Snowden's secret codename and it means "truth teller" in Latin.


Directed and produced by
Jeff Floro 謝夫發露 (Junk Shot)
Edwin Lee 李健恩 (Fallout Media)
Shawn Tse 謝兆龍 (Junk Shot)
Marcus Tsui 崔正傑 (Immortal Peach)

Associate producer
Cassandra Chan (Slate Takes)

Written by
Edwin Lee
Marcus Tsui

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