Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Japanese Bikini Girls Playing in Shit

Just when you thought that you have seen it all before in Japan, along comes yet another WTF image of some Japanese Bikini Girls playing in shit:

Actually the above is some artwork by the well-known contemporary artist Makoto Aida and is entitled "Shit by Jomon-type Monster (2003)":

An ephemeral outdoor ceramic piece made with art students and volunteers, Shit by Jomon-type Monster (2003), consisted of mounds of coiled, brown clay that simultaneously resembled gigantic feces and the pots left by Japan’s pre-historic Jomon civilization. Intentionally crude, the work was an embrace of failure...

Here is a recent interview with Makoto Aida "Bye-bye Kitty!!!":

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  2. This is very provocative art. But in today's society, this is the way to get a message out there.

    Art lover