Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Laowai Film: "This Is Sanlitan" Trailer

This Is Sanlitan

Via This Is Sanlitun June 13, 2013

Just a couple weeks ago the official teaser trailer for the upcoming laowai indy comedy film entitled "This Is Sanlitan" was released on youtube. This full-length feature film celebrates both foreigners and local Chinese people living in Sanlitan, Beijing.

This Is SanlitanThe main character is "Gary" who is played by Carlos Ottery. Gary has come to China seeking his slice of the Chinese economic dream. However, things don't work out so well and he loses his wife and son and all of his money and becomes quite desperate. How he recovers becomes the main plot of the film. Scheduled for release in late 2013, this movie was directed by Robert Ingi Douglas, and stars Carlos Ottery, Ai Wan, Christopher Loton, Hua Gaoxiang and Cromwell Cheung. Here is the funny sneak peak preview:

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  1. "Laowai in China" could become a new indy film theme indeed. So many stories, so many hilarious characters. This will probably be the first of many such films.