Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Seeking Asian Female" Movie Trailer

Seeking Asian Female Movie Trailer

Via The Wall Street Journal Speakeasy March 12, 2012

Prior to placing an online order to Buy Your Chinese Bride on Ebay, we strongly recommend watching the movie "Seeking Asian Female." This documentary film is "a modern love story about Steven and Sandy -- an aging white man with "yellow fever" who is obsessed with marrying any Asian woman, and the young Chinese bride he finds online." Here is the trailer:

This film is now showing at the South By Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas.

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  1. Why marry when you can rent!

  2. The quickest way to curing "Yellow Fever" is by living with an Asian woman for a year or so.

  3. "The quickest way to curing "Yellow Fever"

    Who the hell would want to "cure" Yellow Beaver Fever?

  4. If this couple is not already divorced then they will be soon.