Thursday, October 13, 2011

WTF Japan: TOTO's Toilet Poop Bike

First came the delectable invention of poopburgers from Japan of course.

And now just when you thought you've had enough of this WTF Japan crap, the well-known Japanese toilet maker, TOTO, has just introduced the all-new toilet poop bike that runs on human excrement:

Yes, that's right long riders, you don't need to take anymore truck stop breaks as you can keep on riding while pooping. Check it out:

Just kidding. It doesn't work that way. And this model is obviously a promo for the toilet manufacture. But wait, there's more! This new shit cycle also plays music, talks and generates some kind of “residual light imagery to write messages in the air as it zooms by.” Whatever.

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  2. Nice one Pongi, see you soon.

  3. Sadly, TOTO Corporation’s “TOILET BIKE NEO” is not as exciting as it sounds. ;-/

    The party poops on TOTO's website ruin all the fun by saying:
    The TOILET BIKE NEO does not have the mechanism to run on the rider's waste. It runs biogas fuel (fertilized, purified and compressed livestock waste and household wastewater) provided by city waste plants.
    Therefore, the NEO REST seat doe snot function as a toilet, and has been created for promoting TOTO's environmental efforts.TOTO is not involved with any motorbike or biogas production business.