Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Take Selfies With Japanese Geisha!

This just came in my mailbox and could be a first time ever event in Japan, but soon anyone (including professional weaboos and usually unwelcome gaijin and fellow Japanese commoners in Tokyo), can actually meet and take selfies with real otherworldly Japanese Geisha:

Via peatix.com

"This is a one of a kind opportunity to play games at a dinner party with Geisha and watch an authentic Geisha dance! (You can also take pictures with the Geisha and there will be people who can communicate in Japanese and English as well.)"

"Geisha are well-known to the world as a symbol of Japanese culture. They are skilled entertainers who bring joy to banquets through traditional Japanese performance arts such as song, dance and "shamisen" (long three stringed Japanese guitar played with a pick). However, even in Japan, Japanese people hardly have an opportunity to meet with real Geisha. Therefore, together with the principal of Bando Private School (a kimono school managed by Geisha in active service), we have planned a party where everyone can casually communicate with Geisha in Asakusa."

Needless to say, tickets are limited for this very unusual event and will probably go very quickly. More information is available here.


  1. I have waited for this moment all of my life.

  2. Can we touch them?

  3. For the right price, that can be arranged. :)

  4. Cool. Thank you for posting this.