Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rimjin-gang's Underground North Korea News Update

Reporting from the inside of North Korea, the very brave underground news team known as the Rimjin-gang has released a new report written in June 2011 and published in December 2011. In this news update it is shown that people who carry oversized luggage or look too shabby are not permitted to enter train stations in Pyongyang. The reason for this is to "depict the showcase city, Pyongyang, as a beautiful and rich capital to the outside world." A reporter who goes by the name of Gu Gwang-ho writes:
"Soldiers standing at the entrance checkpoint are the military police of the People’s Army. Whenever they find a person with a shabby appearance, wearing a backpack or carrying a large piece of luggage, they stop them at the entrance of the station to prevent them from travelling to the city center."

Rimjin-gang's Underground North Korea News Update
Rimjin-gang's Underground North Korea News Update
"Many passengers carry a look of resignation as it happens very often. But sometimes we see people express their anger openly which turns into an acrimonious quarrel."

In another report also written in June, 2011 and published in December 2011, Gwang-ho writes about a growing economic inequality between the upper class and the middle class of The Worker's Paradise. According to Gwang-ho:
"Our country’s TV news often shows a gap between the rich and the poor in the capitalist countries, lashing out with militant slogans, and always ends up in defending the superiority of socialism."

"But the scenes that I witness in every day life are nothing more than a gap or a disparity in the society. The gap lies between the privileged class and the ordinary citizen. Of course the TV and the party papers never mention about this because the gap shall not exist in our country. "

Rimjin-gang's Underground North Korea News Update

About the Rimjin-gang: This is an anonymous group of North Korean reporters living in North Korea. They are risking their lives in order to publish real news stories, photos and videos about the many social problems inside The Hermit Kingdom. These reporters are working closely with Asiapress Publishing in Osaka, Japan. They published this very shocking video back in December 2010:

Asiapress Publishing also has published a hardcover book in English entitled "Rimjin-gang News From Inside North Korea." This book includes 495 pages containing more than 180 photos(B&W). Order your copy here.

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  1. This is a very cool group. I think I'm going to get that book.

  2. Yeah, really. But there is some hope for the north as the Chinese have started making two small North Korean islands called "Hwanggumpyong" and "Wihwa" into new free trade zones: China’s Embrace of North Korea: The Curious Case of the Hwanggumpyong Island Economic Zone But at the same time China repatriates the escaped refugees. (>_<)