Saturday, June 06, 2009

Buffalo Daughter & Ami Suzuki: 'OK Funky God'

A couple years ago, in an somewhat unlikely matchup, the Japanese alternative rock/avant-pop group Buffalo Daughter of Grand Royal teamed up with Avex Trax pop singer/actor Ami Suzuki and released 'OK Funky God' on Suzuki's unsuccessful 2nd studio album entitled: 'Connetta' And, while the album did not succeed as a whole, the 'OK Funky God' track is, indeed, a winner! And the music video is truly stunning! Check it out right here:

buffalo daughterami suzuki 鈴木 亜美 すずき あみ

Buffalo Daughter will appear with DE DE MOUSE on Friday, June 19th at the Shimokitazawa Townhall For more information, visit their official website: Buffalo Daughter

Ami Suzuki official website: 鈴木 亜美(すずき あみ)avex Official WebSite

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