Friday, November 26, 2010

Coming Soon: Battlefield North Korea

Recently filmed in HD, here is a good slow-motion look at Kim Jong Il and his well-dressed military:

Remember: "North Korea is Best Korea"

north korea is best korea

FLASH NEWS UPDATE: The Dear Leader was very recently seen at a soccer match in Pyongyang.

FLASH NEWS UPDATE #2: President Obama was recently injured while playing in a basketball game.



  1. Dem Liberals went beserk when W proclaimed North Korea as one of the Axis of Evil. I dunno how else you could label a nation which engages in such a naked act of aggression against the peaceful citizens of Yeonpyeong Island, South Korea. They can’t claim self defense. To what else can you attribute it?

  2. Well, IMHO, the DPRK is now very desperate, and, most likely, will collapse soon and then turn into a pro-US nation. Knowing this, the Glorious Leader and his generals are now playing their final ace in the hole in an effort to swindle more economic aid and support from the US, Japan and South Korea etc. This is a kind of "fake peace" agreement which has been made in the past but won't be this time. We can only wait and see how this will all play out but, most likely, this will not escalate any further. Well, let's hope so.