Tuesday, January 11, 2011

North Korea's Youtube & Twitter Hacked!

Hackers celebrate North Korea heir's birthday

Sat Jan 8, 2011

"(Reuters) - Hackers have attacked North Korea's official Youtube and Twitter accounts, posting a cartoon showing Kim Jong-il's heir apparent driving a sports car into a crowd of starving countrymen."

And here is that video:

UPDATE: S. Korean hackers trade cyber blows with N. Korea

(AFP) – 1 day ago

SEOUL — "Computer hackers from South and North Korea are waging an apparent propaganda battle in cyberspace, less than two months after their militaries traded artillery fire across the tense sea border.

Users of the South's popular website dcinside.com have claimed responsibility for hacking into the North's Twitter account and its official website, and leaving messages denigrating the ruling Kim family.

A separate and now deleted posting on YouTube showed a cartoon of Kim Jong-Un -- youngest son and heir apparent of leader Kim Jong-Il -- mowing down ordinary people in a fancy sports car.

It was apparently posted to mark Jong-Un's birthday Saturday."


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