Sunday, March 27, 2011

David Bowie's "Toy" Internet Smash Hit

Just a few days ago, David Bowie's unreleased album Toy was leaked online:

"A decade after it was shelved by his label, David Bowie's 23rd studio album has been leaked on the internet. Toy, conceived as a reimagining of Bowie's early work, appeared on file-sharing websites this week, with Bowie's reps refusing to comment."

"A week after an Australian man sold a purported copy of Toy on eBay (it sold for £62.98), a CD-quality MP3 version of the album suddenly appeared on BitTorrent, spreading like (ziggy) stardust."

And, as usual, here is another account on how Toy was leaked:

"The album's original uploader goes by the online nickname Brigstow which is a word play on where he comes from - Bristol, UK."

"Brigstow's reasons for uploading "Toy" sound just as unconventional as the site he chose to upload the album on. He wanted to put a stop to what he considered gross exploitation from eBay sellers that were posting "Toy" album CDs for auction starting at as much as $55 per piece."

"Brigstow stated categorically that the upload was based on a bootleg CD he bought, although initial rumors had stated the unknown uploader had bought the CD from Australia via eBay.


Well, now it is all on Youtube and here is one of the highlights entitled "Shadow Man":

Listen to all of the tracks on "Toy"


  1. David Bowie is coming back. This "leak" is probably a test release and an official release will soon follow.

  2. Thanks alot. I hope that you are right.