Thursday, March 10, 2011

Deerhoof vs. Evil - The Merry Barracks

Deerhoof just released a new album with this featured single "The Merry Barracks":

See more about this new release here: Deerhoof vs. Evil

Be sure to listen to more tracks at Deerhoof vs. Evil | Global Album Leak

satomi matsuzaki


  1. Love this song. Deerhoof rawks. Thanks alot.

  2. Your welcome Dave. I have seen Deerhoof live a couple times and I hope to see and hear them perform this album soon.

  3. A woman spied,
    Led to something.

    We just happened
    just like a being.

    The soft ropes
    Four arms embraced.
    Two lucky charms
    A couple graced.

    "Can you make the sun rise?"
    She beams "No one but you."
    "Can you scream to the skies?"
    She screams "SOUL LOVE IS TRUE!"

    Never trouble to apologize.
    Never tearful in our eyes.
    Always double to reprise.
    like we knew.