Sunday, December 04, 2011

David Bowie as a Japanese Salaryman

Our venerable Japanese News correspondent just sent in this stunning new scoop of David Bowie as a Japanese Salaryman:

Talking of coffee tables, here are some glimpses of a glossy new book by Japanese photographer Masayoshi Sukita. Speed of Life (a snip at £360) shows Sylvian’s direct forebear and antecedent David Bowie posing in Kyoto during a holiday there in 1979 — the time he was hanging out with Sinologist David Kidd.

David Bowie on a Kyoto Train

Bowie, after hinting that Japan was to be his new home, left for New York, explaining that Japan would make him “too Zen”, which would cause him to stop writing.

David Bowie in Kyoto

But perhaps the oddest and most interesting of Sukita’s images, revealed for the first time in the new book, are the studio shots where he portrays Bowie as a salaryman on his way to work, attempting to beat the clock

David Bowie as a Japanese Salaryman

David Bowie and Masayoshi Sukita are now working together on this new photo book entitled "Speed of Life". This book can be pre-ordered here.

David Bowie & Masayoshi Sukita


  1. Awesome. Book has been pre-ordered. Thanks alot.

  2. Nice. Seems like more Bowie news coming out every week now.

  3. Also worth checking out: Any Day Now: David Bowie The London Years (1947-1974) by Kevin Cann. Limited edition can be found here:
    An in-depth visual chronology that includes Bowie's tour of Japan in 1973.