Thursday, February 02, 2012

Why, China Why? Because China #3

In our first "Because China" post we featured a bulldozer on top of an old apartment building while demolishing it! And our favorite Japan correspondent Mr T replied "Why China"?--This is the way they built it" and cleverly referenced this photo. And that reply did speak volumes.

But now we have another inexplicable "Because China" photo that once again begs the question "Why China, Why?"

Why, China Why? Because China #3.

Any ideas at all are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Because (TIC) "This is China" amiright?

  2. The answer is that the Chinese are superior to all other humans.

  3. °°・(>_<)・°°・

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  5. Mo' betta!!

    Japan can never hope to beat China, the masters of hi-tech.