Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mayu of Cutie Pai by Julie Watai

Just released today here is another amazing Julie Watai photo of Mayu from the anime music/techno pop idol group Cutie Pai. Julie Watai is an active member of the Cutie Pai unit under the name of "Eye Taso" or 「あいタソ」.

Mayu of Cutie Pai by Julie Watai

Here is Cutie Pai's winning performance of "Music Rendezvous" ミュージック・ランデヴー on the popular Japanese TV Show "Idol Heaven Tournament Nuki Ten" 勝ち抜き!アイドル天国!!ヌキ天:

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Iiniku Ushijima Photo by Julie Watai

New Julie Watai Self Portrait


  1. Mayu is SO HAWT and cute too.

  2. I find this extremely easy to masturbate to.