Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ascending Mt Hua in China = NOPE!

Ascending Mt Hua in China = NOPE!

Mt Hua is located about 120 kilometers east of Xi'an inside Huayin City in the Shaanxi province and has an altitude of 2200 meters. It is one of China's five great mountains and has a very long and interesting history. Centuries ago it was believed that the god of the underworld lived inside the mountain. Also many immortality seekers would often visit for the many herbal Chinese medicines and powerful drugs that were found there. There are many centuries-old beautiful temples and other religious structures located on it's slopes and peaks. Mt. Hua has five major peaks and is popular for hiking and climbing. One's journey to the summit begins here:

Mt Hua Vertical Walking Trail

The above photo is the beginning of the two vertical "walking" trails that start in Huashan village and continues for six (6) kilometers to the North Peak (1614 m) the lowest of all the peaks. One youtuber named mtarascio climbed the cliffside path with no safety harness while simultaneously filming the below video:



The Great Wall of China Photo

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