Monday, September 10, 2012

Beat Takeshi Kitano's "Outrage Beyond"

Via The Festival | September 10, 2012

In 2010 Beat Takeshi Kitano returned to the popular crime/yakuza tough guy film genre that originally made him world famous with the release of Outrage. Now he is coming back again with the sequel to the original movie called Outrage Beyond. And from first look at the trailer, this follow up film looks to be just as hard hitting and action packed as the beginning blockbuster:

Outrage Beyond will have a North American premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on Wednesday, September 12 at 5:30 pm. For more information please visit the official website of the Toronto International Film Festival -

Beat Takeshi Kitano's Outrage Beyond Premiere

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  1. Beat Takeshi's new film probably won't be as good as Outrage, but it will be good enough.

  2. Looks awesome! Can't wait to see it.