Thursday, May 16, 2013

Japanese Girls "Soccer Ball Juggling" Videos

Japanese Girls Soccer Ball Juggling Videos

Apparently Japan's JLeague soccer association is getting somewhat desperate for more herbivorous men to actually "go outside" and at least pretend to become beer guzzling, teriyaki eating carnivorous soccer fans again. Why else would they have Konami produce three (3) videos of some cute Japanese girls engaged in "soccer ball juggling"??? Oh and some genius decided to add a miniature GoPro video camera inside the soccer ball in order to produce some cute and enticing close ups of the soccer girls' body parts (see above ninja shot).

Also Konami is running a Football All Stars 2013 Campaign that, among other things, will be giving away single tickets that will be good for 101 seats at some JLeague games!

Football All Stars 2013 Campaign

Yes that's right! Now all these grass eating men will be able to bring 100 of their best friends to a JLeague soccer game.


Obviously, someone forgot to mention that most modern-day Japanese herbivores actually don't have any friends.

Forever AloneJapanese herbivore grass eating man

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  1. Japan is ground zero for WTF, NSFW and Forever Alone!

  2. Next thing we'll see is these cute JLeague soccer gals handing out free tickets at the station. People will just take them and then just throw them away.