Friday, May 31, 2013

The All New Site is Up!

Julie Watai on the New

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We are very happy and proud to announce that the all-new site is now up and running hot! It's all HTML5 valid and CSS3 valid as well. The interface is fully optimized for video render and playback on the iPhone and Android cell phones as well as the iPad and some recent video game machines! It features a super user friendly design based on the "Right Now WP Full Video, Image with Audio" template by elite designer Renkli Beyaz. It also supports mp3 playback as well as youtube, vimeo and playback from many other video sharing websites. Viewers can navigate by "drawing" on the screen! In the footer is a nice thumbnail photo scroll bar from which one can navigate very easily. It also has some other optional functions including a screen color picker and a google map contact verification form which we hope to soon enable. So come on down!

The All New is Up!


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  1. Cool upgrade! It looks like a colorful TV now. I have always loved the vivid color schemes of Japan. You've captured them well. Good job.

  2. Hey Rob! The new site looks great. I can see it and all the videos play back on my iPhone. Way to go. See you later.