Friday, June 07, 2013

Liu Bolin Sticks To His Guns in NYC

Liu Bolin Sticks To His Guns in NYC

A modern-day "Invisible Man" Chinese performance artist Liu Bolin and his team pulled off another amazing camouflage act in New York at Eli Klein Fine Art earlier this week.

His performance art/live painting show was entitled "Gun Rack 2013". And apparently it took aim at arms control methods throughout the world. Bolin's New York agency also claimed that this work was inspired by a new Chinese law that requires individuals to present identification and registration when buying certain knives.

According to gallery owner Eli Klein "These are all real weapons, not replicas. They were legal to have in the gallery as they were modified to fire blanks. Zachary Bako filmed the entire event and made this short fast forward time lapse video:


Liu Bolin: China's #1 'Forever Alone' Artist

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  1. Looks to me that the real artists are the people who are painting him. He just stand there.