Sunday, June 09, 2013

The Writing on the Great Wall

The Writing on the Great Wall

As we reported almost two years ago, there has been a mega boom of graffiti and street art exploding throughout China. And as we can see in the above pic, the writing is now on The Great Wall. But what does it mean? Why did they write on the Great Wall?

Looking at it a bit closer, It seems as if this tag was written in some kind of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. Perhaps this message is some kind of protest? Maybe. With government land grabs still going on more land riots and revolts keep happening all the time in China. Usually, that kind of unrest happens out in the countryside amongst farmers and other country folk.

So let's look even closer at the above glyphics, and sure enough, we can see just about every character is a farmer or someone working with an animal. So, therefore, it is a very good possibility that this is some kind of protest art. Especially when government officials recently ordered a construction crew to crush a protester to death with a steamroller machine! (WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

NMA TV on Facebook's David Choe

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