Monday, March 01, 2010

Merepeoples - "Sherman"

One of the hottest Japanese alternative rock bands going now, here is the Merepeoples and their newly released "Sherman" video:

Merpeoples bewitch; The Party's . . . party


Sex and magic served up by two new Japanese girl bands


Friday, Feb. 26, 2010

Via Japan Times

Four cute young women clad in ghostly white robes prance around in a forest holding twigs: No, it's not an outtake from the classic 1973 pagan spookfest "The Wicker Man." Yes, it is the excellent video for the Merpeoples' spankingly sublime song "Sherman."

Singer/guitarist Charlotte and drummer Rico must be the star pupils in their art-school class, as Merpeoples — completed by keyboardist Sayaka and bassist Ikuko — made the video themselves.

"Sherman," boasting a hypnotic but spiky guitar lick, is the catchiest song you'll hear this year and deserves to be a staple hit on all indie dancefloors. Like most of Merpeoples' eponymous debut album — released Feb. 17 — "Sherman" is dreamy pop melded to post-punk guitar riffage, but the band aren't afraid to experiment, and on the track "Midara na Story" ("Dirty Story") Sayaka's ivory-tinkling conjures up an exotic buzz — like the music from a James Bond scene in a souk.

Shame they spelled "Sherman" wrong.

"You mean it's S-H-A-M-A-N?" asks Charlotte.

I'm afraid so. Sherman is an old U.S. tank. I didn't see a tank in the video.
"Thanks, but on the CD it's in katakana, so it's OK," Charlotte says (she got her nickname 'cos a friend said that in profile she looks like Charlotte Gainsbourg).


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