Saturday, March 12, 2011

Help Japan with your website or blog

Help Japan with a couple lines of code on you website

"The Hello Bar is a simple website toolbar that engages users and communicates a call to action. With the disaster in Japan getting worse, many people are looking for ways to help in whatever way possible. If you are unable to donate, or to offer your services, you can help if you run a website. Hello Bar which is simple piece of code that is put in the body tag within your website, which will display a bar on the top of your website can help with the promotion and help influence people to donate. Larger website will no doubt start using their own techniques in helping promote the need for aid for Japan, and what better way to do this than to put a bar across the top of the screen which wont go unseen."

This is a donation request for the American Red Cross. Copy and paste the below HTML code into the body tag of your website or blog:

See more here.

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