Saturday, March 19, 2011

Japan Prediction: Nuclear Holocaust, Tokyo Evacuated

March 19, 2011: Via NEWiS - Exclusive!!! Who predicted disaster in Japan

In the early 2000s, Russian blogger/engineer Artem Dragunov had a motorcycle accident and was in a coma for 2 days. After that he started having dreams about the future, writing them on his blog, and many of them have come true! On February 21, 2011 he predicted the recent earthquake in Japan.

And his future prediction for Japan is very dire:

artem dragunov

And on March 11th, the day of the quake, he wrote the below comment on his blog Guest from the Future Dream 20022011:

"Let's count. Dreamed a dream the night of Feb. 21. Today 11. Three weeks shorter.
Just at that time dreamed of a lot of water and a couple of big fucking. 11 plus 21 - the beginning of May. HERE Remember - early May .."

Hopefully, this time he'll be wrong.


  1. whoah. right or wrong, we're out of here

  2. Hey Rob! Thanks for posting this. My wife and I are going to leave Japan soon once and for all. Sayonara.

  3. Good luck to all. I'm too will be departing soon.

  4. Hip Hip hooray you say the first of May?
    Why outdoor fuckin' starts today!!