Thursday, June 16, 2011

Japan Installs a New World in Japan

Years ago, believe it or not, Japan actually installed a new ocean in Japan:

And now according to Popular Science once again Japan has outdone itself in WTFvckery and useless inventions and installed a new world in Japan:

"If you want to see what Earth looks like from space, become an astronaut (or, barring that, a space tourist). For the next best view, pay a visit to Tokyo’s National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation where a massive, nearly 20-foot spherical OLED orb--the world’s first large scale spherical OLED--offers a satellite’s-eye view of the planet in super high resolution."

Uhmmmmm.....if you stop the above video at 0:38 you can clearly see that this harmless-looking useless invention is actually a brand new Death Star:

Japan's New Death Star

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  1. lol. Classic! I guess this new "Death Star" was invented for getting back at Russia for its HAARP-triggered earthquake and tsunami. /sarcasm