Sunday, July 24, 2011

Japanese Government vs Fukushima Citizens on The Right to Live

Via pejorativeglut Jul 23, 2011

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Here is a truly astounding and WTF unbelievable, must see video on how current Japanese government officials are mistreating, ignoring and insulting their very own citizens in Fukushima! These residents are located outside of the current 20-30 km evacuation zone. However, since more high levels of radiation are being discovered near their homes and schools, they want the government to increase the evacuation zone and financially support them and their families to evacuate. But, of course, the Japanese government does not want to do this as it would involve many more residents and cost much, much more. In the beginning of this video, the Director of Local Nuclear Emergency Response Headquarters, Mr. Akira Satoh, answers some very serious questions from some very concerned Fukushima citizens:

Citizen: "As other people do, people in Fukushima have a right to avoid the radiation exposure and live a healthy life too. Don't you think so?"

Akira Satoh: "The government has tried to reduce the radiation exposure dose as much as it can."

Other citizens: "You didn't answer his question!"

Citizen: "So are you saying that they don't? They have that right don't they?

Akira Satoh: "I don't know if they have that right."

Can't believe it? Watch:

Above video was filmed and edited by some anonymous members of the Japanese Save Child website. English subtitles are 100% correct and were done by pejorativeglut.

The below picture is of Mr. Akira Satoh. Towards the end of the video, when he refused to accept the childrens' urine for radiation testing, they should have poured it all over him!

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  1. I have watched this video five times now and I still cannot believe it. Unreal.

  2. This is My Planet it’s where I live,, It’s Beautiful and I love it. The natural resources belong to everyone not just a few multinational corporations THINK!!! How can you clear up nuclear waste??? GE Can’t. How can you recreate a family, an ocean The Gulf of Mexico?? BP sure can’t, create a seed from nothing?? Monsanto Can’t.. The positive creative intelligent life force that created the string vibrations, neutrino the atom the outer universe and our inter universe, the super intelligent DNA makes the blue print of all thing seen and unseen The creative life force sure make Cameco, Areva, GE, Exelon, BP, Chevron, Exxon seem very small and not so intelligent just greedy little things using fear and force to take what they want. so, Just remember that you are standing on my beautiful living planet that is revolving at 900 miles per hour that’s orbiting at 90 miles per second. So it’s reckoned that the source of all our power the sun (not nuclear power plants built by GE, Areva or whoever) and you and I and all the stars that we can see are moving at a million miles a day. That’s figured out as moving at 42,000 miles an hour, in our galaxy called the Milky Way. Our Galaxy itself contains 100 billon stars. It’s 100,000 light years from side to side and 16,000 light years thick. We are 30,000 light year to our galactic center and go around that center every 200 million years. Our galaxy is one of million of billion in this amazing, expanding universe. The universe itself keeps expanding in all directions at the speed of light. It’s whizzing as fast as it can go, you know, 12 million miles a minute. So remember when we are felling very small and insecure, how amazing and unlikely is our birth, And pray that there is intelligent life somewhere up in space, Because we need all the help we can get down here on earth, we are going the wrong way. ( Fukushima TMI, Chernobyl disasters, but our sun has been there for billions of year and will be there for billion of years more a third grader student could tell GE where to get electricity from solar panels not 10 billion dollar nuclear power plants. HOW MUCH IS A KILOWAT HOUR OF ELECTRITY COSTING TEPCO NOW ?? ) What make those lyrics fascinating is that every statement is factual and verifiable it is the truth But the lyrics left out the most important part, Probably statistics overwhelmingly reveal that our universe contains at least a hundred million , and probably billion of Earth-like planets populated with conscious beings like you? and me. Millions of conscious civilizations exist that are million years more advanced than our newly born immature still mystically oriented civilization. Moreover the lyrics was praying for what Albert Einstein spent his professional life searching in vain for – the unifying controlling element of the universe human-like consciousness. Not stupidity!!and greed. Please THINK It’s Called Common Since (telling your children to wear long sleeve shirts to protect them from radiation does that make since) about what your doing to YOUR Home your CHILDREN,AND Planet- Earth It’s The only one we have THINK!!!

  3. Thanks alot John and anon. As I have always said, "Someone really should save Japan from the Japanese government!"