Saturday, August 06, 2011

Tokyo's Governor Drops A Nuclear Bomb

Nowadays it seems that "WTF Japan News" is becoming even stranger than the usual "WTF Japan" entertainment media. Remember back in March when Tokyo's governor Shintaro "Blinky" Ishihara said that the devastating 3-11 earthquake and tsunami were divine punishment for the selfish greed of Japanese people? Well, believe it or not, "Blinky" just dropped another bomb by stating that Japan needs nuclear weapons!

“Japan Must Become a Nuclear Armed Military State” - Governor Shintaro Ishihara via Sankaku Complex

Perhaps he should go to Hiroshima or Nagasaki and try to sell that same pitch! Or maybe he should just watch the below video which features footage from a 1984 NHK documentary about nuclear war:

Music: "Nuclear War" by Sun Ra as performed by Yo La Tengo


  1. What a freaking idiot! You tell em Pongi. And if Nukeushima is an example of how the Japanese Government and TEPCO can manage nuclear power plants, then the above video is probably how the government would handle nuclear devices!

  2. Thanks Dave. Yeah, I agree and this is a very bad idea. Also I think that such a move would violate Japan's constitution.

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  4. "Hollow tips 'cause we thorough with this shit my nigga
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    dead prez

  5. It would be so great if anonymous could penetrate TEPCO and the guberment's networks and reveal the truth about Fukushima.

  6. Very stupid idea.We should stop talking about nuclear weapons and militaries cause they are really so dangerous and can destroy the whole world.

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