Monday, August 15, 2011

WTF Chinese Beach Party Dance Video!

In case you missed it, and you probably did, recently on Youtube there has been a growing popularity of these wild and funny low-budget, locally-filmed, WTF Chinese dance music videos! Think cheap Bollywood on too much caffeine. Well for this one entitled "Local Swimsuit Dance - (Chinese peasant singer dancing)", the uploader/owner of the video zuoyezhideng claims the following:

"This is a very low budget production for peasants in southwest China. All the dancers in the video are peasant singers. They usually sing funny/flirting/teasing songs to each other, which is a tradition of rural southwest China. A lot of the people in the video have hundreds of Albums and are very popular in rural southwest China."

WARNING: This is a NSFW age-restricted music video which once seen, cannot be unseen:

You can see more of these kind of WTF, funny videos on Zuoyezhideng's Youtube channel.


  1. Thanks Pongi. My brain is now full of billions and billions of WTF.

  2. lol. Is this really part of China? Looks like a south pacific island.