Sunday, October 30, 2011

Japanese Are Superior in Jump Rope

Earlier this year, the Japanese proved their superiority to all other humans in Inflatable Water Sports!! And now a Japanse woman has done it once again by breaking the Guiness Book of World Records mark for completing the most jump ropes in 30 seconds:

162 jumps in 30 seconds is 5.4 jumps per second! Very impressive.

But did this athlete also break another world record?

See also: Japanese TV Slam Dunk World Record Video


  1. YIKES!

    That's what I calling Extreme Fapping!

  2. Pongi, I've visited your blog before and I think it is great. But this time, with all due respect, I must ask you what in the name of loving fuck just happened? And why did I fap to this?

  3. Hey, where is the original video! I was referring to this site for the "Rest-of-the-Story" but now those seeking the Truth are sent in a loop back my site.

  4. Am I a "Truther" now? (^_-)

    Just kidding. Original is back up. Cheers!