Saturday, November 26, 2011

1965 David Bowie Home Video

Mr. T @ The 3Yen just sent in this remarkable home video of David Bowie and members of The Lower Third in 1965:

Original source: Mrs Tsk *

”The scene, brief and looped, has the elusive appeal of a new Yeti or Bigfoot reel. Joe Salama, who posted the fragment, says: “This exceptional cine footage was taken by my late father on a trip up to the West End of London totally unaware that David Bowie was the young dude that smiles graciously at the camera.”

"Well, I thought I could do better than that, and before long I’d googled enough to publish with some confidence the true facts of this remarkable document. Somebody in the comments points out that it’s more likely to be 1966 or 1965. I’m able to confirm that this is spring 1965."

"I also found this Lower Third handbill, drawn by Bowie himself in 1965, showing him with the same hairstyle and the same high rounded shirt collar you see in the film."


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  1. Good stuff. I wonder if Bowie will release a new album soon?

  2. Classic! Its like bringing the past back to life! I would surely love to see them one more time at online TV.

  3. Very Cool Rob. This made me smile. Thank you.

  4. I wonder what David would think if he saw this. Too cool!

  5. Nice one robpongi, first time I've seen this.
    Rare footage of a young David on his way to stardom.