Friday, November 18, 2011

Indie Japanese Sci-Fi Short "Source"

Here is an awesome indie Japanese science fiction/crime short film with English subtitles entitled Source:

AD 2044, Japan's once strong prestige in the international community has

tarnished after years of economic stagnation.

In order to reclaim its prestige, the National Strategy Bureau has resorted to an extravagant series of mass media psyops.  

This program is called "Source".

Independent Short Film

Director : A.T.

Producer : Miyo Koya

D.o.P : Yuichiro Otsuka

Visual Effects : finitto inc.

Production design : Hideo Gunji

Lighting design : Katsumi Nakayama

music : Reiji Kitazato/BACKSLASH

sound design : Kazushi Miyakoda

costume styling : Kyohei Ogawa

grip : RISE GRIP Ltd.

Location coordinator : Sun Planet

Production : TYO productions

format : REDmx

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  1. Nice movie. I really enjoy your blog. I read it everyday. Thank you.

  2. Thank you Sheena! Stay tuned for more.