Sunday, November 06, 2011

A Modern Day Japanese Wedding

Here is a funny picture of a modern day Japanese wedding with the groom carrying a keg of beer on his back:

Actually, in most Japanese weddings it is traditional for the bride and groom to NOT drink nor eat anything during their wedding party. Only the guests are permitted to actually celebrate. So this is really a very clever way to provide them with excessive amounts of beer in a fast, efficient way!

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  1. LOL! Thanks Pongi. Classic.

  2. That rather atypical Japanese wedding photo got me sadly musing on disappearance of hyper-tacky, over-the-top Nagoya weddings, which were preceded by a procession of neon-illuminated, glass-sided trucks, bound for the newlyweds' new abode, loaded with furniture, kitchen appliances and electronic items.
    Damn, what ever happened to those? I cannot even find any good videos of that common Nagoya sight on YouTube.
    Refer to:

  3. Ahhhhhh yeeeeaaaaah! The overkill post nuptials. Those were the days, oh yeah. The "NIJIKAI" or second party and then the "SANJIKAI" third party, "YONJIKAI" and on and on and on... Believe it or not, years ago I went to one very lavish wedding that had SIX (6) full-on planned-in-advance wedding parties! And each one got better than the previous one! It was, indeed, one of those nights! YOWZA!!! (*´∀`)

  4. ---" ...I went to one very lavish wedding that had SIX (6) full-on planned-in-advance wedding parties!..."---

    Those parties are gr-r-reat but they expect you to pay for them at 3,000-to-10,000 yen per "after party"--- Japanese prices suck all the fun out of living in Japan, meh.

  5. Yeah, usually that's what it is like, but in this case it involved two mega-wealthy families so all of the post ceremony parties were free! This was because the groom's family owned the original wedding hall, a part of Velfarre disco, a very nice sushi restaurant/bar, and all of the uptown snack bars we hit after that. And then after all of that, they forced our group and others to spend the night in an Akasaka Prince Hotel suite! It really was something else without being tacky at all. Well, of course, this was back in the mid '90s and it was a completely different Japan then. Those were the days desu ne! (。◕‿‿◕。)

  6. Awesome man. In this party the bride and groom both not eating anything and thats going be a big surprise, specially for guests they just eat what they want.