Tuesday, November 15, 2011

North Korea Wins World Champion Title!

After all, it is now true what they say and North Korea is Best Korea as the DPRK defeated Japan 1-0 in yesterday's 2014 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers match in Pyongyang. Here are some of the game's highlights:

With this win, North Korea has also been awarded the Unofficial World Champion Football Title:

North Korea 1-0 Japan
15/11/2011, Pyongyang
Scorer: Nam Chol Pak
'Japan’s long reign as UFWC champions came to an end today in Pyongyang, as North Korea became the new unofficial football world champions. Midfielder Nam Chol Pak was the hero for the North Koreans, who fought hard for a deserved victory against an admittedly weakened Japan side. North Korea, ranked just 124th in the world by FIFA, become one of the most unlikely unofficial champions in UFWC history, proving that anything can happen over the course of 90 minutes." Continued...

So could that mean that this is true too?

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  1. Thank you Dear Leader for heading in the glorious goal from the midfield mark.

  2. All hail the eternal leader and the glorious soldiers! They have our ardent love and loyalty for all time!

  3. BEST KOREA bests Japan!

    Please insert images:

  4. Thank you Mr. T! The World Champion Best Korea flags are now flying high! (⌒▽⌒)

  5. Japan didn't play their best players but still a good win for the North Koreans. Give them something to be happy about at least.

  6. Via Asahi Shimbun

    North Korean TV aired the entire game and said that the result "brings huge conviction and incitement to the army and people who have deployed the final attack for the construction of the powerful nation."