Saturday, November 12, 2011

Save The Chinese Gay Penguins!

Here is NMA TV's animated news story on the separation of Buddy and Pedro, two gay African jackass penguins penguins at the Toronto Zoo:

Note: Buddy and Pedro are not really gay and not Chinese. They are an endangered species that the zookeepers are trying to mate with other female African penguins.

UPDATE: (11-14) ‘Gay’ penguins will reunite in spring!

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  1. ‎Rob Pongi has the coolest news.

  2. Thanks alot Bill! This is just more of what's wrong with our political system. We have to stand up and fight for gay penguin marriage! It's time for real change! /sarcasm off (^_-)

  3. Ohhhh the horror. Those poor little gay penguins are being abused! We need to call PETA or Femin.
    See (or re-post please):

    Refer to:
    Penguins in Hell, the Tokyo Metro