Friday, November 04, 2011

WTF Japanese Wives Scream "Thank you" to Husbands

From the land where screaming in public is considered "normal", NHK TV recently ran this funny event where some Japanese housewives went to their husband's companies and screamed various "Thank you" messages to their husbands:

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  1. Once you live here long enough this and all other forms of Japanese public screaming are no longer funny and just more noise.

  2. Like this NHK event is "believable"----Sheeee-it, Japanese women are famous for badmouthing their husbands (for good reason).

    As Japanese husband/salaryman/everyman says: " Our priority is not to live, but to work."

    Refer to:
    ---Retired Husband Syndrome in Japan

  3. Thank you Mr. T. So probably this cute little TV segment is just another desperate attempt to promote marriage and baby making. I felt that way earlier but you have now confirmed it. Thanks again!