Friday, December 23, 2011

Modern Day Japanese Fashion from Japan

It is well known that Japan has always been the one country where luxury cars, DVDs, CDs, books, rock stars and fashion all die a very long and slow death. But sometimes the exact opposite happens and they do not die but instead they propagate and get even worse! For example:


There are no more words.

See the upcoming Forever Alone Japanese fashion device and here is some VERY HOT Triumph Japan fashion.


  1. The chick is definitely hawt, but that dude is nawt.

  2. I see nothing wrong with this. Nothing at all. It's all perfectly fine.

  3. God I really wish I was Japanese.

  4. The couple is truly adorable. I am astonished to see such cute couple just like what I usually see in anime shows. Korean style fashion has a big resemblance to japanese style but each of them have their own identity.