Monday, March 05, 2012

WTF Cherry Sexual Harassment Space

As the reigning world champion superpower of WTF, Japan has defended its coveted title yet again with this sign for the "Cherry Sexual Harassment Space":

Cherry Sexual Harassment Space in Japan

So WTF is this?!?!?

It is a sign for a cabaret club in Tokyo, Japan.

WTF is a cabaret club???

In Japan a cabaret club or kyabakura キャバクラ is a place for men to go and talk with young girls, engage in excessive drinking and sing KARAOKE. Much like hostess clubs, cabaret clubs are expensive and do not allow customers to engage in sexual activities with any women inside of the clubs. Outside of the clubs it is a different story altogether. Also, within the past few years or so, jobs as a hostess, club girl or male host have become more desirable as they have evolved into a higher social status level. Now there is a trade union for employees and besides who wouldn't want to make six figures a year by having fun?

Miura Atsushi, a market researcher and author defines the cabaret club as a “theme park of traditional gender roles” that allow men to relive the past when women were not so educated and independent and less likely to complain of "sexual harassment" in the workplace or at home. Here men can get as drunk as possible, yell, scream, blow off stressful steam and be treated like a king. Thus clubs like this one thrive within the modern-day Japanese society.

Mmmmkaaaay... So does "having fun" in Japan include being sexually harassed? This is not easily understood and if this whole thing is still somewhat confusing, perhaps the below google translate Engrish description of this cabaret club in Tokyo may help to explain it all better:

"It soon becomes warm and cold even irresponsible way everyone Thank you for visit us last night ☆ 彡毎 Sun! It will be filled with-feeling ('· _ · `)"

"Everyone greet the beginning of the week in such a feeling! Our shop is sure to warm the retainer body and soul) Tashitashi (~Tsu (No~e `*)) Lori Kawaero 彡激 studded Girl ☆ let go in too hot tonight of course! ! It just does not end'll (● ^ o ^ ●)? ? What it is All Time \ 3000.OFF and miss something when Nana Nana ('゚ ゚ A `) Uyoyoyo loss today, the absolute loss (_'Д` _) ☆ it is determined to Cherry (* ^ ^) v "

For more information visit the website of the Cherry Sexual Harassment Space. (Japanese only)

To see more pictures and a historical perspective on this kind of cabaret club check out these articles ‘Cherry’—sexual harassment company in Japan of course and Tokyo Gropers School.

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  1. This is exactly why I changed my major from rocket science to Japanese studies.

  2. I have dreams of Japan every day and night.

  3. Rush Limbaugh would love this place.

  4. The Cherry Pub must be related to Sexual Harassment Corporation or the Tokyo Gropers School that I blogged about back in 2005 (3Yen)

  5. Thank you Mr. T. I just now added the above links to your posts on this WTF Japan type of club.

  6. As always big love for finding the bizarro Japan.