Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Japan's Blow-Up Doll Pro Wrestler: Yoshihiko

So far, in our ongoing research in the name of 'science' and in an effort to explain the inexplicable (i.e. "WTF Japan") below are some of our recent discoveries:

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Well, just when you think you have seen it all in "WTF Japanese Pro Westling", recently we discovered the very popular Japanese Blow-Up Doll Pro Wrestler "Yoshihiko":

Yoshihiko or ヨシヒコ in Japanese is a member of the Dramatic Dream Team, an Iron Man Heavy Metal Class wrestler and a member of the UWA six man tag team from Japan. Here is more about him:

"Yoshihiko is, DDT Pro Wrestling in the wrestler to compete as a live-in lover . 160cm tall, 3 pound weight (800 grams), favorite actress Bae Doo-na (" air puppet "starring). Muscle Sakai brother was born in Sakai, Yoshihiko (Yoshihiko) that set. Grave digger doll Hell aka Bad Ass Netherlands ("Grave Digger Hell," "American Bad Ass" by The Undertaker things named after, "Netherlands" is "Dutch" from the wife)." Continued...

Mmmmkay...... well, anyway here he is in action: The Top 15 Moves of YOSHIHIKO

And here he is being 'interviewed' on Japanese TV:



  1. lol. rotflmao. WTF Japan indeed.

  2. And to think I seen it all in Wrestling...I think I found my favorite wrestler of all time. A BLOW UP DOLL. >:D

  3. DDT. Almsot as surreal as Saitama pro. Mokujin Ken has made appearances stateside. Up in Philly they're having Joshimania, bringing back Manami Toyota and Aja Kong. More like Obasan mania, but they're still great. My fave: Mokujin Ken: http://www.youtube.com/wat​ch?v=5YHZNJVrRCo

  4. My favorite Japanese wrestler is the 15kg ghoul schoolgirl!

  5. Thank alot guys! p3d0phyl3-san I have added your
    "‘Mysterio’ Japan’s invisible wrestler" link to the above entry. I am now even more of a Japanese Professional Wrestling fan! \(^0^)/

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  7. This is not a real live person. This is a living wrestling God.